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Me-time movement review: Melbourne mamas get jiggy with Happy Feet Fiesta

Sometimes escaping out the door sans-child, just isn't possible. However, the longer we spend at home, the more cabin fever starts to creep in. What options are there then for women with little babes, who are wanting a to find their groove again? Hello babywearing dance class!


Babywearing dance classes are the perfect activity for mamas. Strap your little one on the front (or back) and swing your hips to HappyVille. Recently, four Melbourne mamas were given the opportunity to road-test a class. Andrea and Karoll of Happy Feet Fiesta, warmly welcomed us to a studio in Malvern East. We spent 40 minutes dancing to the delights of Latin beats and some Top 40 favs. J.Lo eat ya heart out because these Melbourne mamas have got this!


Motherhood Melbourne and Happy Feet Fiesta, happily teamed up to provide deserving mamas with a bit of me-time. The #metimemovement is about exploring activities that help us to reconnect with the world and ourselves. To encourage you to get jiggy with bubs, we're sharing what it was like to channel our inner Shakira with the lovely ladies at Happy Feet Fiesta.

Andrea and Karoll – Happy Feet Fiesta


These two Latin American mums are very passionate about dance and the importance of introducing it to children at a very young age. This love affair with dance is what drove Andrea and Karoll to start up babywearing dance classes.


When they looked further into it, they discovered it provided great benefits for both parents and babies. It allows mums and dads to socialise in a fun and friendly environment. They can also let go of some of the parenting frustrations such as sleep deprivation and isolation. Whilst babies are soothed by the movement and music to a sweet sleep-a-thon. Win/Win!


What Melbourne mamas are sayin'…

A review of a babywearing dance class with Latin beats

#hoodmama Nadia


It was fun and you get to shake your hips. It was also an awesome workout.


If you're like me and have a clingy baby then combining babywearing and dancing is perfect as it gets you out of the house and exercising.


After the class I felt puffed out but in a great way! Both myself and my little one enjoyed the fun.

#hoodmama Yvonne

It was such a fun-filled class. I can't remember the last time I did any exercise, what a great workout.


The combination of my son's body heat and my movements definitely got my heart pumping. Who knew there were babywearing dance classes? I need to start getting active to keep up with Sebby.


I highly recommend this to all babywearing mamas out there.

#hoodmama Karina


Motherhood isn't easy as life's pretty much turned upside down. If you had a workout routine before, it'll be tough to get into it. But I'm thankful to get a little workout with Happy Feet Fiesta and at the same time, having fun with my little one.


We were bodly shimmering with lots of smiles and colour.

#chiefmama Holly – Motherhood Melbourne


I loved how easy it was to follow the dance moves and that there was a different focus for each song. Loved the tunes too. I can't really remember the last time I even danced for 40 minutes straight. What a luxury these days!


It was amazing that all the babies were super quiet during the class. Most of them nodded off. A sleeping baby is such a treat for any mama.


I expected the class to be fun (which is was), but I didn't expect it to make me work up a sweat. It was actually quite a workout but I didn't really notice until the end. I would highly recommend a babywearing class to mums with babies. Andrea and Karoll were so lovely and it the Latin twist made it extra special.



Offers babywearing dance classes to everyone; mums, dads, aunties and carers. No dance experience required, the desire to share a special moment of music and movement with your baby is all you need!


Owners: Andrea and Karoll


Location: 328 Waverley Road, Malvern East


[email protected]


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