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Practical and stylish everyday essentials – Kollab

Organisation is the key to staying sane when you're a mother. Between lunch making, packing for sporting events and weekend trips, it's important that we have the right essentials. Who'd be better to design these items than an actual mum? Kollab is the creation by two Melbourne mums who wanted to inject individuality and style into everyday essentials such as lunch boxes and shopping bags. True to the brand's name, Kollab showcases the work of designers and creatives on their products. Co-founder and mum of 3, Hayley, shares more about the making of Kollab and how they have gone from idea to being stocked in almost 100 stores Australia-wide.



An interview with Kollab Co founder & Director -Hayley Barrett.


1.Why did you create Kollab?

We created Kollab to provide people with practical storage solutions that were beautiful, functional and most importantly, affordable.


2. How did Kollab begin?

It all began in 2014 when myself and friend Jess, were brainstorming idea’s, and realised that run of the mill shopping bags, lunch boxes, coolers and kitchenwares, were simply calling for a fresh injection of individuality and style.


3. How does Kollab make mother’s lives easier, better or brighter?

As any mother can appreciate, organisation is everything! Kollab makes holidays, sporting games, the beach, and even organising things like the lego, so much easier. We provide storage solution which are designed by a mother herself.

4. How does it make you feel when someone buys your products?

It makes me proud, but most importantly just happy that we can provide that little bit of organisation and colour to their lives.


5. What is your most popular product?

I would say the Cooler bags, they are so versatile and great for the kids. You can never have enough.


6. What’s the most common frequently-asked-question about Kollab?

I think the most asked question is ‘How do we come up with the designs and select collaborations’? Along side Kollab, I also run a sales agency with my husband Mick. We are lucky that through this we are always kept up to date with the trends and forecasts. I also have a personal interest in Australian creatives, I am always researching the work of talented local designers and like-minded brands. It’s great to be able to introduce our customers to some other great brands.

7. Describe one thing mamas would be surprised about from behind-the-scenes of Kollab.

The Kollab Kids featuring in our campaigns are actually my children. Coco 10 and twins Polly and Abby 6.


8. What aspect about Kollab do you love the most?

I think I am most proud that the brand is accessible to everyone. I have worked with big brands and fashion trends for a very long time. The reality is, not everyone can actually buy into these brands, and it only becomes harder when you have kids! There's a lot of pressure to keep up and for many people they just can’t afford to. I love that Kollab provides people with that slice of fashion in their everyday life, without having to spend a fortune!


9. When you're not in biz mode, what do you love doing? Training & Fitness are really important to me. I like being active. Cooking is super fun as well, I love experimenting and exploring new recipes, as well as entertaining family and friends. The beach serves a pretty important role in our family. We love going as a family and are always planning the next holiday (or 2 if possible). I love road tripping around with Mick and the girls.

10. Any exciting plans for 2018?

We're always looking for new ways to grow the brand and its product offering, whilst always remaining true to the brand. Ultimately, the core of our brand is storage solutions. Whether that be related to food, the beach, household gadgets or for the bathroom. If there is an opportunity to develop something which is practical, fashionable and most importantly at an accessible price point, we’ll go for it! We have a few plans for new product’s, they are not entirely a new category, but will be a great addition to the current collection. One in particular being along the lines of transportable food storage.



Making the practical, fashionable. Re-inventing everyday essentials.


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