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How two Melbourne mums became business besties


One of the many great things about motherhood is the unexpected friendships we form with other mums. It's a pivotal time where being surrounded by others who 'get it' can have a huge impact on surviving the challenges that motherhood brings. Ginna and Andrea met at a local playgroup and realised had many things in common. Both born in Colombia, first time mums and inner-city residents. With similar values, views and experiences as now Melbourne mums, they decided to jump into business together. Here they share, how a rock solid friendship has led them to create a business together that they love – HappyRoo.


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Written by Ginna and Andrea – Owners of HappyRoo.



Motherhood is learning about strengths you didn’t know you had … and dealing with fears you didn’t know existed.

Our friendship was developed after meeting in our local playgroup and spending many hours laughing together, crying together and supporting each other after becoming first time mums far away from our beloved country and families in Colombia.

Although we have lived in Australia for quite a while (Ginna 6 years and Andrea 10 years) it was until we gave birth that we came to the realization about all the challenges of becoming a mum. Even if were well settled, had a support network and had our jobs, becoming a mum was a completely unfamiliar territory for both of us.

We had lots of questions about breastfeeding, settling our babies, introducing solids, what kind of milk should we give to our babies, is that too much, just too little, behaviour, dummy or no dummy, development and endless topics that only another mum could understand.

One of the biggest challenges we faced, was to live in an apartment with kids, but when time passed by, we realised that living in the city was actually an advantage. We realised that because we didn’t have a backyard, Melbourne was our backyard. We spent lots of time in the Melbourne Museum, The Zoo, Aquarium, playgrounds and our children were partially raised in the wonderful cafes around Docklands.

HappyRoo product range

Now we can say that HappyRoo is the result of friendship, learning about our strengths and weaknesses and also the realisation that after becoming mums we couldn’t just have the full time 9 – 5 job.

The products that we have in our online store are high quality European children’s clothing and accessories that are already popular in other countries and that haven’t been introduced to Australia. They are products that are weatherproof, childcare-proof and they are made for playing and moving in the playground.

As we live in city apartments with no backyard, outdoor activities became important no matter the weather. That’s why we believe that “there is no bad weather only bad clothing.

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HappyRoo Logo

Children’s Clothing and accessories made for four seasons in one day


Biz owners: Ginna and Andrea


Favourite café: Saluministi – Docklands


Coffee order: We both love a latte


[email protected]


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