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How to find a family-friendly villa for your Bali holiday

Your social media feed is filled with people traveling to Bali and staying in “OMG” style villas. Ditch the stuffy hotels, as villas have become the go-to accommodation type for families staying in Bali. The logistics of travelling with kids can sometimes make you need a holiday before you even leave. Fortunately, has provided the perfect service solution to your accommodation woes. Let’s address those concerns and show you jaw-dropping Bali villas that you can book right now to escape the cold Melbourne weather.


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Here are some common concerns you might have and solutions that offer –


CONCERN: I’m travelling with a baby that still wakes at night and need the bedrooms to be close.


Connecting bedrooms

Whether you’re still getting up at night for feeds or just want little ones nearby, having connecting bedrooms is an ideal solution to help you all stay close. can help you find villas that offer connecting bedrooms where the kid’s bedroom is connected to the parent’s room.


Recommendations: Villa Crystal and Villa Little Mannao.

CONCERN: I haven’t travelled to that Bali destination and want to make sure the beach or shopping area is close by.



Location is an important factor when you’re away on a family holiday. You don’t want to waste a minute traveling to and from popular activities. Also, no one wants to hear their kids repeatedly ask “are we there yet?” can let you know exactly which villas are close enough for beach hangs or shopping trips.


Recommendations: Villa Crystal, Villa Waterlily and Villa Paraiba.

CONCERN: I just want to relax but my kids will go crazy if they are cooped up in small spaces.



Space is certainly an issue when you stay in hotel but when you book in to a villa, there’s so much room for activities. Big lawns for outdoor play or a pool so the whole family can splash around for hours. can assist you in finding a villa with a spacious outdoor area or one with a pool. They can also let you know which villas provide a pool fence to keep everyone safe.


Recommendations: Villa Theo and Villa Kami.

CONCERN: I’m feeling overwhelmed with picking accommodation that offers additional family-friendly services.


Family-friendly services

One of the best things about booking with is that they can help you with so much more than just providing a place to sleep. They offer assistance with car rental and car seats to take the stress out of airport transfers and transport. Worried about what your kids will eat? also offer kids meal services. And if you’re in need of a date night (yes please!), babysitting services are available.

If you’re not already booking a ticket on the next flight to Bali, here’s some other fantastic points about you need to know –


Save time – Provide all of your requirements and they will do the browsing for you.


Fuss-free arrangement – You’ll have a concierge team arrange the stay for you, so you don’t need to go to individual service providers.


Local support – when you’re are in Bali, they will still be available to assist you until the end of the stay.


Transparent price – What you see is what you pay for. No booking fee added.


If you’re looking for a personalised service, contact for a seamless experience.



Bali villa rentals made easy.





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