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A twin Mum's tips for getting back into exercise

Our bodies are certainly not the same after pregnancy and birth. But it doesn't mean we have to kiss exercise goodbye. Sure, we have less time and some cutie-pa-tootie obstacles in our way, but twin Mama, Trudi Langford is here to share how she got back into exercise after her double delights arrived. From one mother to another, Trudi serves up some home truths about how we can all get fit and feel fab again. I don't mean to burst your bubble, but there are no secret quick fixes delivered here. Trudi keeps it real with her tips. She also shares how her experience led to the creation of her women's training gear and athleisure wear – TRU ATHLETIC.


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Information provided by owner of TRU ATHLETIC – Trudi Langford


Hi, I’m Trudi – mum to twin boys, Matthew and Stephen (5 yrs old), and the owner of TRU ATHLETIC sportswear. I’ve always been active and sporty, but after having the twins my body was hit for 6! We had trouble getting pregnant and the boys were an IVF miracle so as soon as I found out I was pregnant, I basically put myself in cotton wool as I didn’t want to jeopardise anything.


After the baby fog had died down I was keen to get active again. I figured I’d just continue on from where I’d left off in terms of exercise – boy was I wrong (ugh). Here are my tips to get moving again:


**Disclaimer: I’m an accountant by profession. These tips are just my opinions and what worked (or didn’t work!) for me when getting back to exercise. They’re based on my many years playing sport, two knee reconstructions and LOTS of attempts at ‘eating clean’. Please consult your doc or physician/s before doing anything you’re unsure of.

1. Get the all clear from the doc

Ok, this is definitely step number 1. With all the physical changes pregnancy brings, you never know if you can still drive a car through the gaping ravine in your abdominals or your pelvic floor might be non-existent. This will ultimately dictate what you can do and when.


2. Take it S L O W

Being a sporty spice, of course I thought I could bang 3k’s out no worries. Oh dear god, no. Just no. My body alignment had changed so much after carrying the twins, it took several months for my joints to recover from the shock! I dialled it back and just started walking, then walking for longer, walking more briskly and just slowly built up strength and stamina from there. With strength training I just stuck with body weight stuff for a while before picking up the dumbbells again.


3. Stretch and recovery

There’s nothing worse than finally getting back to regular exercise only to be stopped in your tracks (or trackies haha) by an injury. It’s a good excuse to sit on the couch, but it can derail all of those good intentions.


At least once a week or whenever I’m feeling all tight and yuck, I make sure I take 10-15 minutes to stretch out. I dread the foam roller, but I feel so much better the next day after those nasty nodules have given my muscles a much needed massage.

4. Nutrition

In terms of importance, this should be #1. It’s a simple equation. Calorie input (chomp, chomp) needs to be less than the calorie output (exercise/activity) for successful fat loss. It’s trial and error (and starting again many, many times), but I got to know what my body REALLY needs and it’s definitely not 5 bikkies with my cuppa….ok, not even 3 bikkies. You can’t out-train a bad diet. Eat whole foods, cut the crap, drink water. A tip I received was to shop the outside aisles of the supermarket (fruit and veg, diary, etc) and keep the middle ones to a minimum.


5. Do something you LIKE!

Oh my god, how I hate running. So boring! You’ll stick with something much better if you actually like what you’re doing. If it’s a sport, do that – social team sport is getting more popular these days and there are websites and apps now that can match you up with a team.


And you don’t need a gym either – I had the bubbas in their bouncers while I’d do planks in the lounge room or step ups in the backyard.


6. Get some new sportswear!

So what better motivation to get back to exercising than new sportswear! Having given birth to twin boys weighing a total of 6.28kg, I was stretched to kingdom come so I totally get it when it comes to putting sportswear on a post-baby body. There’s bits you just don’t want to deal with/hide/pretend it’s not there…

All this weighs in the back of my mind when designing TRU ATHLETIC pieces and it’s part of the reason I started the sportswear line in the first place. I was sick of tight fitting singlets that would ride up whenever I caught a ball at Netty training or lifted my hands above my head. My designs always consider the function before anything else and in what setting it might be used.


Our Essential Sports Tee has ample shoulder room; all our tees, tanks and singlets are loose fitting for comfort (and confidence!) and our best-selling, oversized hoodie has been a favourite of the kinder mums as it’s big, roomy, comfy, warm and covers everything!


Our Prodigy Lounge Pant is great for everyday home stuff or a supermarket run while our In and Under Drop Crotch Trackie has serious bum room for a relaxed athleisure look.


Our range has sizes from 8 to 18 and the entire Rookie Season Collection is Australian designed and made. TRU ATHLETIC is available online at and I offer free standard shipping to all Australian orders over $75.


So stick the bubba (or bubbas!) in a bouncy thingy and get moving!


All the best with your training – Trudi xx



TRU ATHLETIC’s range of sportswear for women draws inspiration from the Australian sports landscape. Our range of training gear and athleisure wear includes singlets, tees, tanks, leggings, track pants and hoodies. Our designs are for the everyday active woman, being considerate of a woman’s body and how it needs to move when training.


Each piece is designed right here in Melbourne, with our entire Rookie Season Collection being made locally in Brunswick, Victoria.

Business owner: Trudi Langford


Fav café: The Last Piece, Mulgrave

Coffee order: I waver between a Cappuccino and a Soy Latte. 1 sugar.


[email protected]


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