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Finding my fit after having a baby

Bouncing back after a baby is so much harder than the celebs will have you believe. After Prue had her third baby, she felt immense pressure to get back to her old self. Despite being a personal trainer, she'd lost her motivation. In the pursuit of finding her fit self again, she started documenting her experience and sharing it on her new blog – Finding My Fit. It's since developed into something much bigger and is inspiring mums to try different types of activities and get back into fitness. Continue reading to find out more about this AWESOME Melbourne mama.


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An interview with owner of Finding My Fit – Prue Houston.


1.Why did you create Finding My Fit?

In just one year, I had burned out as a PT, sadly closed my boutique women’s gym, had my third baby and was sitting at home feeling sorry for myself. I needed a purpose and a new direction. So, I started the Blog, Finding My Fit.


2. How did Finding My Fit begin?

It started firstly as a cathartic confessional documenting my own search to Find My Fit…again. I had just had my third baby and was feeling out of shape and overweight. As a Personal Trainer who had previously lost 30 kilos, I felt immense pressure to ‘snap back’ to how I used to look! The blog quickly gained interest from other mums who enjoyed my honest reviews of motherhood and dipping my toe back into fitness. Once I had found MY fit, I decided to start road testing all the wild and wonderful ways that everyone could find their fit too. As a lover of movement and exercise, I wanted to show my fellow Melbourne Mamas that getting fit can be fun and there are oh so many ways to find a fit for you.


3. How does Finding My Fit make mother’s lives easier, better or brighter?

I just know that it’s my deal in life to inspire and motivate women. After I lost weight the first time and studied to become a Personal Trainer, I knew that I would work with my fellow sistas to help them find themselves again and embrace just how powerful, strong, and happy they could be by making their health and fitness a priority. My blog shows a real side to me and the personal struggles that I have with my own body image…but it also shows the joy I get out of staying fit and trying new things. If I can inspire just one mama to get out there and discover a new hobby, activity or class that will bring her closer to loving her body…then my job is done!


4. How does it make you feel when someone reads your blog?

I get messages all the time from mums who love reading about the classes I attend and how it has inspired them to get out there too. When I read their messages, I know that I’m doing something right. That I’m putting something good out into the world. That is the best feeling ever!


5. What is your most popular posts about?

Road testing and promoting Melbourne based fitness classes.

6. What’s the most common frequently-asked-question about Finding My Fit?

How do you find the time to work out? For me, exercise is my therapy and something that I MAKE time to do. I take my baby girl with me to most gym classes and luckily, I found a gym that loves having kids attend too. But if I know my day is jam packed, I know that I’m going to get up an hour earlier and go! As a PT I have heard many people comment that they don’t have ‘time’ but it really just comes down to what you need to make you happy. For me I know that I need to lift heavy, feel sweaty, push my body and then collapse at the end of it all. I’m a better mum, in fact I’m a better person for it.


7. Describe one thing mamas would be surprised about from behind-the-scenes of Finding My Fit.

That I love wine and chocolate! Actually, I love food in general. That’s right, the shock! A real, honest to god fit and healthy PT who doesn’t survive on protein shakes and broccoli.


8. What aspect about Finding My Fit do you love the most?

I love the interaction I have with my readers and followers. It’s a really organic and loyal community and I’m so proud of it. I also love helping small business promote their classes, the fitness industry is a bloody tough industry and anything I can do to help these hard-working business owners fill their classes is a good thing.


9. When you're not in biz mode, what do you love doing?

Sit in the sun on our deck with my husband and kids, enjoying and wine and just soaking it all up.


10. Any exciting plans for 2018?

I really would love to grow my readership to reach more mums and help promote more fitness businesses. I would love to be the go to fitness review site…think Tinder for fitness classes!



A blog/vlog road testing fitness classes and products to show all the wild and wonderful ways you can FIND YOUR FIT.


Business owner: Prue Houston


Fav café: The Hub 3070

Coffee order: Fat Latte


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