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Emma's motherhood story – My due date baby

Just one week after taking the latest in a line of negative tests, I discovered I was six weeks pregnant. My husband was away for the weekend and a girlfriend had come for dinner and crashed the night. I’d had a glass of wine with dinner, but for some reason I hadn’t really enjoyed it. Perhaps this was why I found myself creeping into the bathroom early on Sunday morning to take one more test, ‘just in case’. Yep, it was positive.


The happy news I shared with my husband later that day was short-lived as I began bleeding that evening and we headed for the hospital. Thankfully, all was well and the pregnancy was confirmed. Though we remained cautiously optimistic through the rigmarole of scans and genetic testing, it seemed we were going to get our baby after all.

Now, I’m a person who appreciates a deadline. Whether it be for submitting a piece of client work, or the maximum tolerance level of my husband for my ‘morning routine’, I just like to know when things will happen. It helps me to plan. You can imagine how I love the randomness of kid nap times – not! Anyway. After being told my bub was due February 2, I felt it was super important that he arrive on the day I was expecting him. Planner, organiser, don’t like surprises – guilty. Finding out the gender was important to me too, as it helped me to imagine the abstract concept of a new baby a little better. Of course, on a practical level it allowed me to plan, plan, plan!


As he grew, I grew and I found this so much harder than I anticipated. Fitness is an integral part of my life and the lack of control I had over my body was so challenging. I suffered from awful morning sickness for three months, meaning I was largely horizontal on the couch. Exercise? Forget it. I could barely move without vomiting. Eventually I was able to partake in some prenatal yoga and Pilates that I found really nourishing. Kicks and baby movement reassured me on the one hand but would make me nauseous and so uncomfortable. I felt stuck on a ride I couldn’t get off, and so envious of these women who said they loved being pregnant.

Smack bang in the middle of a super-hot Melbourne week, I visited the hospital for my 40 week check-up at 39 weeks and 6 days, parking in a 2 hour spot. Frustratingly, I was kept in for the afternoon as my blood pressure was too high for the midwife’s liking. I called my husband at work to come in and keep me company – but also to move the car! After sitting around for several hours, things quickly escalated and an induction was scheduled for that evening.


I was terrified, excited and also secretly satisfied – this likely meant a due date arrival! Things kicked off and my husband was sent home to bring in the hospital bags. By the time he returned, my clothes were covered in bodily fluids and I couldn’t wait to put on something clean and comfy. The poor guy was obviously frazzled too though, as despite our rehearsal of the packing of the bags – one for bub, one for me – he turned up with just one. I’ll give you one guess. For the moment, at least, it was bye bye dignity.

It felt like the longest night, but in the morning of February 2nd 2016, right on schedule, I finally met the baby I know I was always meant to have. He had been waited for and dreamed about and in that moment, our hearts exploded.



A former Performing Arts and English teacher, I have a love of all things theatre and dance and I also read a lot. I’m a meticulous planner and organiser, yet have embraced more spontaneity over the years (thanks husband). Yummy food and wine? Yes please. Reality tv? That’s a no from me.


Hood: Northcote


Children: One energetic, creative, caring two-year-old boy


Motherhood in 5 words: Hardest and best gig ever.


Fav family friendly place: The Melbourne Museum Children’s Gallery is just brilliant, though a change of clothes is always required (hello water play!).


Coffee order: Soy flat white


Biz: Emma McMillan – freelance copywriter and editor.


A typical day sees me creating copy and content for predominantly websites and blogs. I love supporting other mamas in the growth and marketing of their businesses through great copywriting.




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