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Behind the scenes with Hello Night – Sleepwear solutions for children

Hello Night

When Tu's daughter grew out of her sleepingbag, nights of interrupted sleep followed. Erin, like many toddlers was a serial blanket kicker and would wake up from the cold. Combining her design skills and role as a mum, Tu created her daughter a sleepsuit made of Merino wool. Not only is Merino wool a soft and natural fibre but it also helps to regulate body temperature – making it the perfect material to keep little ones warm at night. This is the beginning of how Tu created Hello Night – sleepwear solutions for children. It's such a delight to feature Hello Night in the Interstate Love series on Motherhood Melbourne. Tu's sleepwear is perfect for those chilly Melbourne nights. Discover more about this motivated mama and her Australian made label in this behind the scenes interview.


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Hello Night

WHO is behind Hello Night?

I'm Tu, the creator of Hello Night. Behind the scenes I’m also mum to my two little monkeys Erin, 5 years old and Lachlan 3 years. They are fiercely independent, which can be challenging at times, but mostly something I try to be supportive of. This has been a strong influence on how I designed the sleepwear range.


Launching Hello Night was something that I took on to do by myself early last year – partly because I had always wanted run my own business, but mostly because I was missing my old creative life. Feeling a bit crazy one day I just made the decision to plunge into it. I suddenly had one of those ‘now or never’ feeling rush over me and away I went.


On the days I am not trying to build my business empire and juggling school drop offs and pick ups, I like to spend my time outdoors. My favourite family activity is to pack a small picnic and go bushwalking (albeit only small walks at this stage as we usually end up carrying one child on the return trip!).

WHAT is Hello Night?

Hello Night makes sleepwear for toddlers in Merino wool, a beautiful soft and natural fibre which helps to regulate body temperature for young children.


Hello Night marries the two things I love most – my role as a mum and my (pre-baby) role as a designer. As a mum, I want create products that serves the needs of the children. For me this means designing with the comfort of the child in mind and incorporating practical features to support their learning and independence (such as freedom of movement and their ability for self- dressing).


For mothers, I wanted to offer a solution to their child’s cold night wake-ups through a more natural and sustainable approach. The range is designed to encourage mothers to dress their children in layers of Merino wool, which will keep them warm naturally. To me, this is far preferable than having to rely on electric heating, which can not only be expensive, but also drying on the skin.

In line with my support for healthy and sustainable choices for my children, I favour using natural, sustainable fibres and production processes for all the products I design. As such, all my products are sourced and made locally in Australia.

WHEN did Hello Night begin?

It all started when I was living in Melbourne enduring the cold winters with my first child Erin. As soon as she started walking Erin refused to sleep in her sleeping bag as she found it too restrictive. When I took her out of the sleepingbag, I found out she was also a chronic blanket kicker and would wake up (and wake me up!) in the middle of the night. With my experience working in the fashion industry I decided to take matters into my own hands and I made her a sleepsuit in Merino wool – a fibre I have always favoured for its warmth and breathability. The sleepsuit worked great for my daughter. She was warm and no longer woke up during the night.

At first I thought this problem was unique to my I daughter – I was not aware that blanket kicking was such an epidemic among toddlers until I started talking to other mothers about their experiences with their children’s blanket battles. I introduced them to the sleepsuit I made for Erin …they loved it! I went to on make sleepsuits for family and friends and launched the online business in late 2016.

Hello Night

WHERE is Hello Night located?

I’m now based in Sydney and people are sometimes surprised to hear I still have a need to dress my children in warm sleepwear. However, you’d be surprised! Sydney can still get really cold at night in Winter. Although my business is still just a baby, with the launch of my online shop I now have customers across Australia and my goal is to reach out to customers internationally (eventually!).


WHY do you love working on Hello Night?

When I first dived into setting up this business I wasn’t sure where it was going to take me. Balancing the hard work it takes to start a business and my role as a mum as many mothers know, can be tricky and lonely at times. I feel so lucky that along the way I have met some incredibly smart and inspiring business women – some who have been wonderful mentors for me during those early stages of set up. I love what I do now because it makes me feel connected with other mums and a broader community of business mums who I respect immensely.


I also feel proud of the fact that I can help mums and their children with my product by supporting them on the path of more sleep.




Childrens Sleepwear in Merino wool


Biz owner: Tu


Favourite café: Revolver, Annandale


Coffee order: Mocha with almond milk


[email protected]



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