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The sky’s the limit for Melbourne made unisex label – Andie Kids

Written by Anna & Steph – Owners of Andie Kids


Welcome the new Melbourne kids label, Andie Kids. Think organic cotton, think unisex, think made with a hell of a lot of love here locally in Melbourne. Andie Kids is a unisex kids clothing label that is focused on bringing comfortable and cool street wear into your child’s life.


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So why did we decide to make kids clothes and how did we even get there? This is the question that many mums are always so interested in. We are Anna and Steph and we are the faces behind the kids clothing label Andie Kids. Originally country girls now living in Melbourne, we both have two young kids under 4 at home (Anna with the boys, Steph with the girls).


Our story started in early May last year at our local playgroup. We were chatting about being stay at home mums and wanting a creative outlet that would push us outside of our comfort zones of motherhood (not that that’s comfortable by any means but you know what we mean). Long story short we both said our dream was in clothes design, and it was pretty much all guns blazing from there. We were both lucky enough to have the full support of our husbands (and still do, we hope haha!).

With a gap in the market for cool UNISEX clothes, our aim was to add a little more life into the unisex market. Every piece is designed to be worn as a set or mixed, as every tee can be worn with every pair of shorts, so even hubby could be trusted to dress the kids and always get it right!


With no experience in the design field we threw ourselves in the deep end and fortunately the internet is a wonderful thing. After lots of research we found ourselves an amazing pattern maker who then put us in touch with all of the amazing people she works closely with. Finding the right people, you can trust is a must when starting out, she was a great stroke of luck.

But… it’s not all rainbows and butterflies. We were given great advice before we dived headfirst into the unknown and that was to treat our first line as a research project. And thank god- as we've had to remind each other of it on numerous occasions.


From the first chat 7 months prior, we managed to pull through in time, (don’t ask us how) and in early December of 2017 we were able to unveil our beautiful kids range and our first collection ‘Sky’s The Limit’. It was such an amazing achievement and we are so proud of one another.

Our children are our inspiration behind the designs. Every decision was made with them in mind and we made sure that both girls and boys would be happy wearing the clothes. This collection is designed for kids with a love for adventure and the outdoors, an active kid that’s not afraid to get their hands dirty.


To get the product we wanted we spent time perfecting the fit of all the designs, putting emphasis on the added length to all of the tees (to cover bellies and bums!) the result (we think) has been worth the effort. With the beautiful handpicked organic fabric, the end product is something we are genuinely proud of.

The unisex designs are unique as they introduce some colour to the traditionally used monochrome. They are fun & bold, yet by keeping the designs simple we intended they can be passed down for many years to come.


With our eyes on the future it’s onto our next range as we prepare ourselves to do it all again, perhaps this time a little more seasoned and ready for the challenges ahead (and with a little bit more wine).



Organic and unisex children's clothing. Made in Melbourne.

Biz owners: Anna and Steph


[email protected]


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