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8 gift ideas to spoil a new Mum

Hip hip hooray! You've just heard the good news, your friend has just just had a baby. What do you get? A present for the bub? Surely the baby will get heaps? Oh wait..that’s a great idea, let’s spoil the Mama! She deserves a lot of love, beautifully curated in a little box. What could we include?


Erika from Stella of the Sea, shares 8 fun and practical gift ideas that will ensure a new Mama is feeling really special and cared for.


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Written by owner of Stella of the Sea – Erika Collier


Here's 8 fab ideas to make a new Mama feel spesh –

1. Cookies. Because it’s hard to be sad when you’re eating a cookie.

2. Tea. They say you can’t buy happiness but you can buy tea. That’s kind of the same thing. Bonus if it’s one that tastes nice cold incase she forgets about it.

3. Candles. In any stage of motherhood, definitely something that will make her feel calm and happy and envision unicorns and rainbows and unicorns pooping rainbows?

4. A bath soak or bath bomb. Because when life gets busy, a bath is practically a mini holiday.

5. Chocolates. Chocolate comes from cocoa, cocoa comes from a tree, trees are plants, chocolate is salad. You are now the #1 favourite friend!

6. Fluffy socks because why not?

7. Dry shampoo and face wipes are a new mum’s best friend.

8. A cute bracelet or nice band. Yes to adorn her beautiful wrist with but mostly to use as a reminder of which breast to start with at the next feed.

Going out shopping for all these can be a bit of a task so I volunteer myself as tribute to help you put a little package together. Head over to Stella of the Sea ( to buy a pre-made care package or to create your own. You can send it to a friend and I won’t judge (and might actually be very proud of you) if you are getting one for yourself because you deserve it just as much!



Stella and her Mama helping spread the love through pregnancy and lactation support products, baby accessories and care packages – a lot of love in a little box.


Business owner: Erika Collier


Fav café: Long Story Short – matcha latte with white choc sphere

Coffee order: Matcha latte with white choc sphere


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