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5 tips every friend of a premature baby needs to know

Your friend has just had a baby early, and we’re talking months early. You’ve heard the announcement but no one is really saying too much, other than that the baby is stable. You can’t visit as the baby is in the NICU ward (what does this even mean?!), and she and her partner are spending every waking moment at the hospital. So what can you do to help? Owners of Premmie Milestone Cards and The Little One have provided 5 tips to be an amazing support crew for your friend.


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Premmie Milestone Cards

Written by Kirsty Munroe – Co-owner of Premmie Milestone Cards



Learn a bit about having a premature baby. This sounds weird, but even a 5 minute Google search will teach you a few key terms (like teaching you that NICU means Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) and will give you a little bit of information so you know what questions to ask. Chances are your friend doesn’t know too much either, so being able to talk it through will help.



Offer to drive her in to hospital and turn up with a great big coffee, and dinner for when she gets home that night. Keep her updated on what’s been happening with your friends – she could do with a big gossip session to take her mind of things for a while.



Buy them a set of Premmie Milestone Cards. These cards are the perfect way to celebrate the huge milestones a premmie baby is fighting so hard to reach. There are 36 milestones specific to a premature baby and are a fabulous way for parents to keep friends and family informed, as well as celebrate their bub. They are also a gorgeous keepsake for your friend and a great distraction in hospital – hours of photographic pleasure whilst bub sleeps peacefully!


FOUR Set up a roster to help look after their other children, organise to clean their house, stock their fridge with food. They will be spending so much time in hospital and having other children means they will be so torn between who to be with. They need help with routine, keeping the house ‘up to date’ and food, food and more food. The less they have to worry about, the better.


Give her a baby shower when the baby is home! Having a premature baby means so much of what you envisage as the perfect pregnancy goes out the window, but it doesn’t mean you can’t still celebrate! AND, the baby gets to be part of it!!




Premmie Milestone Cards

A set of 36 beautifully designed cards with milestones specific to a premature baby. We are here to celebrate premmie babies!


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