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Interview with WONDERWOMAN Children – First aid & safety education

With two kids pulling at her legs and a brilliant idea bubbling away, nothing was going to stop Nataly bringing it to life. This go-getter mother of two, wanted to offer first aid education that was affordable and accessible for all communities across Australia. She's done that and more. Being armed with safety information is vital as a parent. However, Nataly knows that educating our little ones is just as important. With WONDERWOMAN Children you'll find a range of online and face-to-face courses and events for families, carers, educators and children. In this interview with Nataly, you'll learn more about her and the business that she's built up in the last two years.


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1.Why did you create WONDERWOMAN Children?

I aim to provide affordable and accessible first aid education all communities across Australia. I want to ensure that every family is empowered by education and information to support their physical, mental and social wellbeing. It's our mission to make sure every child is surrounded by people who have knowledge in first aid, safety and health.


2. How did WONDERWOMAN Children begin?

With my children pulling at my legs, study books in one hand and a business idea on the other. On my dining table with a computer that barely worked and a shitload of passion, motivation and determination!


3. How does WONDERWOMAN Children make mother’s lives better or brighter?

Education empowers. All parents deserved to have the knowledge of what to do if their child is in an emergency, sick or unwell. It is our right to have access to this information, whether we are experiencing crisis, homelessness, in a one bedroom apartment, employed, not employed or in a mansion on the beach. It should be accessible and affordable for every parent and carer.


4. How does it make you feel when a someone books into one of your courses?

I do a random little happy dance each time.


5. What is your most popular uptake?

Family First Aid Public and Private Sessions for Parents, with our Childrens First Aid Program (teaching little kids from the age of 3) a major runner up.


6. What’s the most common frequently-asked-question about WONDERWOMAN Children?

Can I bring my children with me to your courses. Umm, absolutely!


7. Describe one thing women would be surprised about from behind-the-scenes of WONDERWOMAN Children.

I am actually against having an official office, as I like to live a sustainable life. We nut away in a cosy, cute home office and it will always remain this way.


8. What aspect about WONDERWOMAN Children do you love the most?

Human connections.


9. When you’re not in business mode, what do you love to do?

I don’t think this ever occurs much any more, but if it does it is just quiet time with my children. I value this so much.


10. Any exciting plans for 2017?

With our Family First Aid already booming, running courses across Australia, we are putting lots of focus into our programs for children. Let's get every child knowing what to do in an emergency!



WONDERWOMAN Children provides parents, families, carers and children with First Aid and Safety Education.


Biz owner: Nataly Tormey


Favourite café: Anywhere that serves a nice strong coffee.


Coffee order: Loving that ‘piccilo’!


[email protected]



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