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MAMAS ON A MISSION – Be my guest!

Are you a Melbourne Mama on a mission? Have you got your "take action" pants on? If you're spending your days juggling motherhood n' mission, I wanna hear from YOU!

Let's team up to share your goal gettin' attitude. 

Mamas on a mission is a podcast hosted by Holly – the Chief Mama of Motherhood Melbourne (heeeey). 


I'm on a mission to bring awareness to the incredible Melbourne mothers that live their days with purpose and have created something really spesh to help others. It's so important that mothers (especially newbies) have positive and remarkable Mamas to draw inspo from. I want to take action to stop #mumgoals being about celeb obsessions and perfectly curated Insta feeds. Do you want to help me?


Season 4 kicks off May 2020. Do you want to be a part of it? There are some specific requirements I have. Please read over and apply if you're happy to follow these.


1. You're a mum who currently lives in Victoria, Australia.

2. Your mission helps others (e.g. people, animals or environment). You're more likely to be considered if it specifically helps Melbourne Mums.

3. Available for a 15 minute chat a week or two before the podcast recording.

4. Available for 1 hour for the podcast recording. The podcast will only be recorded on Mon,Tues & Wed (during school hours). Soz, these are my only kid-free days.

5. Share the ep & let errrbody know about it via your social channels on the evening (or week) that your episode is released. 

6. You're welcome (but not expected) to provide a HOOD MAMA SPECIAL that I can share with the gorgeous Motherhood Melbourne community. 

I can't wait to hear all about your mission. Ready Mama? Hit the PODCAST GUEST FORM button below and fill it in.

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