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Motherhood Melbourne is a rad community of Melbourne Mamas. Keen to share who you are? How bout' swallowing a dose of confidence and getting your face and thoughts in front of the hood mamas. I swear they are super sweet ladies and they love meeting other mamas.  

#hoodmama highlights will be shared on Motherhood Melbourne Insta & Facey. 

let's do this!

– Send a pic of you. It doesn't have to be profesh. Just you, doing your thang. With kids or without. Whatevs.

– Answer these super short questions: 

1. Name (and nickname if you have one)

2. Hood (suburb or area)

3. Kids (how many / how old)

4. Coffee/Tea order

5. Describe motherhood in 5 words

6. As a mother I struggle with…

7. My me-time is…

8. 2 fun facts about me… 

Email your pic, responses and name of your Insta account through to Holly –  [email protected].

Thanks lovely x


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