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Collaborative photoshoot


I haven't launched my business yet, can I still apply?


This is a great way to launch with a BANG!

However, you will need to have a website (even if it's in pre-launch mode) and/or social media accounts to be considered and also your product to provide what is promised. Samples are also fine. 


I don’t have a big social media following or customer base etc. Should I still apply?


The whole point of this is to build you up buttercup and build upon the great work you’re already doing. Do not even doubt yourself for one second. If you truly believe in what your offer and think it makes mamas lives better and brighter, then you should apply.


I stock other businesses products, can retailers apply?


The retailer will be the one entering the agreement (acknowledged, tagged etc). Therefore, it is your responsibility to confirm with your suppliers, the agreement that you have in place with promoting their products.


Will there be flatlays, shelfies or stacklays?

No, this is a lifestyle photoshoot.

That means that products are showcased on people. This allows your mamas to move pass the barrier of online shopping and see what it actually looks like in use. They can have more of an understanding of the size, how it sits and functions.


What type of images will I get?

There will be a mix of studio shots and outdoor shots. The Mamas will be photographed outside only. The photographer will provide a mix of images that show both people and product, close up details and far-away shots, plus landscape and portrait style images. There will images of Mamas with their children and then each person on their own. There will also be group shots of the Mamas only.

Have you done this before?

Yep and it was awesome! I love bringing biz babes together. Check out last years big collab – #hoodmamaEDIT. 

Recently, I also put together a 5 part blog series called #mamagetshergrooveback. Check out Look 1, Look 2, Look 3, Look 4 and Look 5

I've previously been in involved with a Motherhood Melbourne collab, can I still apply?

Yes. I love working with people I know are 'good eggs'. It's all about finding the right fit and that might be you…again!

I’m not based in ‘Melbourne’. Can I apply?

This is open to Australian owned businesses.

Why is the photoshoot taking place in August?

This is so businesses with seasonal collections can use the shoot as opportunity to share their Spring/Summer collection. However, any timeless pieces that are stocked all year round will also be good to include. I’ll work with you to ensure that they are maximising this opportunity.

Am I required to attend the photoshoot?



Product based businesses are not required on the day. All products need to shipped/dropped off 2 weeks prior to the photoshoot date (Sunday 19th August).


Where is the photoshoot location?

A funky inner-city studio. If you need to know this info, please ask.  

Am I expected to gift the photoshoot items to the 'models'?

No. You are not expected to at all. You can have all of the items used in the shoot back. However, you need to keep in mind that they will be worn by people (including kids) and the condition may not be the same. You are responsible for picking up your items or paying for return shipping. We can chat about the logistics nitty gritty at a later date.


If I'm selected to be involved can I make a HUGE announcement on social media?


You need to keep it all hush-hush until Motherhood Melbourne shares the exciting news on socials. This will be just before the shoot. Then you can brag like crazy.


How are businesses selected?

Selection is based on the following important factors –

  • Complement the other participating parties

  • Suit the theme  

  • Cater to modern mamas

  • Logistics – ease of getting items to and from Motherhood Melbourne.


Businesses that provide similar or ‘close to’ products, services etc – will not be used. For example – two children shoe companies that stock similar styles. It wouldn't male sense. 


Will any business be given exclusivity in their category?


This is about collaboration and cross-promotion. If you just want all of your own products used, then you might as well set up your own photoshoot.

However, it is really important that your product is showcased in the best possible way. There will be lots of consideration when selecting and lots of strategic planning done to ensure everyone involved is a winner.


I have a product that I think would work well with this theme but it’s not listed in the category section. Can I still apply?


There might be something that you can see working really well that hasn’t been considered. Please submit your interest.


For any further questions, please email [email protected]

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